Video of recent sermons
1/17/20212 Chronicles 15:1-7Pastor Michael Cantine Sunday Morning Service2021-01-17_AM_MC_2 Chronicles_15_.mp3 2021-01-17_AM_MC_2 Chronicles_15_.mp3
1/10/2021Ephesians 6:15Pastor Michael Cantine EphesiansSunday Evening Service2021-01-10_PM_MC_Ephesians_6_.mp3 2021-01-10_PM_MC_Ephesians_6_.mp3
1/10/20211 Kings 18:20-40Pastor John Rees Sunday Morning Service2021-01-10_AM_JR_1 Kings_18_.mp3 2021-01-10_AM_JR_1 Kings_18_.mp3
1/3/2021Mr. David Cantine When People are Big and God is Small (Sunday School)Sunday School2021-01-03_SS_DC___When People are Big and God is Small - Class 06.mp3 2021-01-03_SS_DC___When People are Big and God is Small - Class 06.mp3
1/3/2021Isaiah 66:14-24Pastor Michael Cantine IsaiahSunday Morning Service2021-01-03_AM_MC_Isaiah_66_.mp3 2021-01-03_AM_MC_Isaiah_66_.mp3

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