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To glorify the God of the Scriptures in promoting His worship, evangelizing sinners, and edifying saints.  To this end we are committed to proclaiming God's perfect Law and His glorious Gospel of Grace in Jesus Christ throughout the world, and to defending "the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints." (Jude 3)

Latest 150-Word "Thought of the Day"
Joel 2:16
Gather the people, consecrate the assembly; bring together the elders, gather the children, those nursing at the breast.Let the bridegroom leave his room and the bride her chamber.

No excuses for not being there at a time of national repentance. All the things that may be used to keep us from joining must be turned aside and left. We must rend our hearts and not our garments. Devastation has come upon the land through one wave after another of devouring locusts. We have all been affected, we must all join to repent and to seek the Lordís forgiveness and His favor. He is a gracious and loving God, and He will not harbor His anger forever. How should we react when disaster strikes? We should see Godís hand in everything that takes place in our lives, and we should repent before Him and draw near to Jesus.
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David Cantine

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